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  • Question - What is included in the package Price?
  • Answer - Everything you will need to "go to battle" Top of the line tackle, terminal tackle, bait, license, all USCG required rules and safety equipment, harness etc.
  • Question - What's not included in the package price?
  • Answer - Sunscreen, motion sickness pills, food and drink, rain gear, your personal items for a day on the water.
  • Question - Can we harvest the shark we catch?
  • Answer - Yes, however please keep in mind that if you are here on vacation, you MUST have the ability to store and care for all the meat on a large fish. The FAT JAX practices "Catch and Release" as much as possible. A picture is worth a THOUSAND words. Also fishing is done in alignment with the current regulations.
  • Question - What should I wear?
  • Answer - Nothing you don't want to get dirty. Shark fishing can be a "dirty job". Even though we will do most of the chores, there is a chance you will be dirtier when you get back, that you were when you left. Sneakers with white soles is preferred, as not to scuff up the boat. Loose fitting clothes, it gets hot in the summer time, layer your clothes in the winter.
  • Question - What about the weather?
  • Answer - We constantly watch the forecasts, "SAFETY IS THE NUMBER 1 PRIORITY" if it is determined by the Captain, that it is unsafe to leave the dock, we can either fish in the bay. Or, reschedule the trip. Please note that once the Fat Jax (boat) leaves he dock, the trip is considered underway and no refunds will be provided in the case of returning early due to sea sickness or anything else.
  • Question - How bad can sea sickness be? If someone gets sea sick, will we return to the dock, and will any refund be given?
  • Answer - Pretty BAD! We will return to the dock if you are seasick, however there will be no refunds provided once we leave the dock.
  • Question - What is the minimum age limit for Children?
  • Answer – As a “General Rule”, since Shark Fishing is not like other Fishing, 12 Years old is good policy. Also depends on how many Children there are.  Parents must be able to entertain their children.  The Fat Jax is not a play pen....
  • Question - Can we drink alcohol on the boat?
  • Answer - In MODERATION, one drunk can ruin a trip. if the Captain request the drinking stop, please stop.
  • Question- What's customary with Deckhands?
  • Answer - Deck hands work for tips, 10-20% gratuity is customary and VERY appreciated!



Please note that the above published rates are for the “Boat” and the specified number of Passengers/Anglers.  I do not mix parties, so the only people on the boat are the people in your group.  If you have questions, please call 850-450-6276.

- Prices include all licenses, dead bait, chum, use of tackle, and fun! - Live bait can be caught or purchased from a bait boat (when bait boats are in operation).

- Bring snacks, drinks, sun screen, and your sense of adventure.

- Deck hands work for tips, 10-20% gratuity is customary and VERY appreciated!

- Trips must be cancelled 15 days prior to scheduled date to receive a FULL refund.

- Fuel costs strongly influence pricing, therefore prices are subject to change. Book early to lock in a price.

Large sharks are the ultimate game fish and make beautiful trophies, but, they will not be harvested. ALL large sharks WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED AND RELEASED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! We fully support "Catch and Release"

Cans and plastic bottles please. Alcohol is allowed for persons of LEGAL age. Drinking should be done in moderation.

If paying by Credit Card online, any refunds will be the amount of the trip/deposit less the $50.00 processing fees charged by the Credit Card companies.

Reservation Policy: 50% deposit required at time of reservation to hold the date for you. Remainder of trip balance IS due IN CASH prior to departure. If the deposit is NOT received within 10 days, your date will be made available to others.

Refund Policy:

1 - If weather canceled the trip, you are entitled to one of the following, your choice: A - Complete refund of deposited funds. B - Reschedule the trip on a space available basis. If there is not a open date that fits your schedule, you get your full deposit back.

2 - When the Fat Jax (boat) leaves the dock, the trip is considered "underway", no refund will be entertained.

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